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I set up a Just Giving page to raise money for the DEC Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal called

I am so very grateful to everyone who donated & shared my social media posts.
At the end of the draw a MASSIVE £270 was raised and to date the total stands at £320.
I have left the page open so if you wish to just donate (no table!) and your donations will go directly to The Red Cross
via Just Giving, less handling fees means more money for the cause.

The story of this piece and why I chose to donate it for fund raising can be viewed on the Just Giving page.

Donations received by end of 31st March 2022 were entered into the draw which is NOW CLOSED.

Click here to go to the Just Giving page.

Thank you x

So order away! If you're looking to spend more than £55 on NEW FORMULA Cornish Milk only please feel free to order via the link to Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's website to get FREE SHIPPING (and I still earn a bit of commission if you use my affiliate link)... If you want to buy OG Formula or any of my other non-CMMP products then its £80 for free shipping ~ sorry, I don't have big power to get better postage deals!

Offer ends 30.04.22 while stocks last.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is AMAZING but it’s about to get EVEN MORE AMAZING!

I have loved Cornish Milk from the very first brush stroke but some colours, as gorgeous as they are, I’ve had to brace myself before painting with them and mentally prepare for the extra layers! There are colours, across all brands of paint, that are notoriously tricky to get coverage with. This is more apparent with some Cornish Milk colours because they are made with natural pigments rather than artificial dyes.

The guys at Cornish Milk have spent the last few months working with their paint alchemist to improve this. They’ve made some tweaks to the recipe and boy oh boy have they nailed coverage! I’ve tried the new formula in ‘Siren’ & ‘Hive’ and so I can say first hand that the coverage is exceptional.

There’s a few other changes too. It’s still vegan, still made in the UK with all ingredients sourced from the UK keeping the carbon footprint down, still incredibly low in VOC’s, still chemical & toxin free, and still absolutely gorgeous! However, the paint will temporarily be in tins - made from 100% recycled materials and recyclable of course. The milk cartons haven’t gone & they will be back! Joe & Reece are seeking a carton that offers better durability & extends the shelf life of an opened carton.

There's also THREE NEW COLOURS ~ Mead, Blackcurrant & Melinsey ~ and as you'd expect from the guys, they are GORGEOUS!

Raising funds for the DEC Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via Just Giving.
(Draw now closed)

500mls NOW £13 & 250mls NOW £7.50


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"...reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting..."  Sister Parish 1910-1994

Welcome to Home House Home Furniture, the home of PreLoved ReLoved Furniture.

The short story is, I adore vintage furniture. It is so well crafted, and although a piece may have a few nicks and dents, they are usually still strong and sturdy. Unfortunately so many beautiful pieces of furniture get sent to the shed or worse, the tip, because they look old fashioned or just a little worse for wear.

I find these discarded pieces and I refinish them to bring 20th Century Furniture into the 21st Century Home.

My mantra is 'reducing waste one painted drawer and cupboard door at a time' and I'd love it if you'd join in on the Furniture Refinishing Movement and save your own pieces from landfill. Not only will you be doing your small bit to help reduce waste, you will find that it is both fun and therapeutic to do. Painting is good for the mind & soul and, in this world of madness, that is something to hold on to.

I use a variety of paints and finishes but my brand of choice is Cornish Milk Mineral Paints which is why I chose to stock the range, along with my favourite finishing wax from White Bunny Naturals. Both these brands have an inspiring business ethos and their missions complement mine, trying to be more conscious about waste and pollutants. I am not an Eco Warrior and I'm still a buyer of a bit of Ikea, but I do think we can all make small changes that help the big picture.

You can follow my processes (successes and disasters - every day is a learning day), latest news and what's new etc on InstagramTikTok and sometimes I even remember to do updates on Facebook and Google  - please give them a Like & a Follow!

If you have any questions regarding items for sale, would like to book an appointment to view any pieces, want any help or advice... or just to chat furniture & paint, please do send me an email via the contact form or you can WhatsApp/Messenger/Text me/DM me on Insta or Facebook - any which way you like! And if you'd like to read the long story version choose 'My Story' from the menu.

Krystina Xxx

Furniture Refinisher
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Stockist
White Bunny Naturals Stockist

Harmony Paints Stockist
Draper Tools in Association with C.W. Feltham Ltd

Ordering Your Goodies

Woohoo, you'd like to place an order!! I have a whole heap of info and explaining to do first - it won't take long to read but for both our sakes, it's worth reading!

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Collections & Delivery - Postage, Delivery, Click & Collect Explained!

Choices to be made at the Checkout! ~Free 2nd Class Delivery on orders over £80 (Excludes Furniture) Parcels will be sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class. ~1st Class can be selected, Free on orders over £150 (Excludes Furniture). ~Free Click & Collect, Plus info regarding Furniture. Keep reading for details...

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About Refinished Furniture

Refinishing furniture is so much more than 'slapping some paint on'! The pieces you find on my page, most have had a long and tough life. Some have lived in many houses, served many generations - each taking a little less care than the last - and then they seemingly reach the end of their purposefulness and are relegated to sheds or destined for landfill. No they are not perfect and they have their flaws but don't we all! Keep reading to see a post I wrote about 'what is in the price'.

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About Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Cornish Milk has been designed by Furniture Painters, Joe & Reece, to be used on Furniture, Walls, Floors and every other paintable surface you can think of, making Cornish Milk an all in one Mineral Paint. Plus it is very Eco-Friendly and despite the name, it is 100% vegan. There's more...

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About White Bunny Naturals

Natural Artisan Goods, for you and your home, handcrafted in the UK. In 2017 Billy, the Artisan's adopted white bunny, was the inspiration to create a brand dedicated to all natural items and White Bunny Naturals was founded.

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  • Higherlands, Kilve, Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom
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My StoryMy Story
Hello, my name is Krystina and I am a furniture addict! I'm married with 3 lovely (most of the time) children. I spent half my life studying and working in retail... then I hit my 40's.

This is my story...

A few years ago I decided I needed a career change, 20 years of High Street Retail will make you want to chase your dreams! So I took the leap back to education and studied Interior Design - my teenage passion. This made me look hard at my own home which was full of 'make do' furniture ~ hand-me-downs, Ikea, Argos etc. Lots of flat pack blandness that were perfectly functional and, at the time, suited the rooms that I had decorated thoughtlessly on a whim. As I set to redesigning each room I had to think about the furnishings. The furniture that I had, as I said, were functional pieces but the flat pack look just wasn't doing it for me. However, I didn't want to rush out and buy more mass produced 'same old same old' furniture to replace everything that I already had, so I looked into ways I could change it up. Paint Glorious Paint!

This worked for a few of my pieces but this venture all really started when I was redesigning my living room. It had more of a vintage, eclectic, boho vibe and my Black/Brown Ikea Besta really did not fit the bill but paint alone was not going to alter that - well not with my skill set at the time. Time for something new. I wanted something that was a little more unique. I had a vision in my head but I couldn't find anything I liked - or that was within my budget! I hit Facebook Marketplace and there she was. A beautiful but very tired vintage sideboard.

A big chunk of flaky dark brown varnished post war utility furniture. Filthy, trim falling off, drawers sticking - 70 odd years of hard living but she grabbed my attention. £20, 3 flights of stairs and a grumbling husband, she was mine - but no way was she coming into my home in that state. Too beautiful to just slap a bit of paint on I decided she was worthy of going the whole hog. I cleaned, I sanded, I took doors, hinges, handles off, shelves out, made repairs, cleaned again... now she was ready for her makeover. From start to finish she was A LOT of work but oh, that glorious finish. I was in love with her and I had fallen in love with the process.

I sourced a few more pieces for my home, one straight out of a barn, the other was pulled out of a 1950's kitchen. Again I set to striping right back and after successfully refinishing these I wanted to do more - but I only have so much room in my own home! So that is why I decided to find and rescue tired old furniture that was heading for landfill and build a small business around it. It wasn't quite the career change I planned when I studied Interior Design but I am so thankful that this is where my path has taken me.

The name? Well, these pieces of vintage furniture have been at the heart of their homes for many years. I think of my workshop as a halfway house before they find their new homes - Home HOUSE Home.

I had been skipping along quite happily for 9 moths buying and refinishing furniture when Covid reared its ugly head. During Lockdown #1 I merrily painted away, but with all the alone time ideas started forming in my head on how I could grow this little fledgling. Not for world domination or anything, just how could it progress and help spread the word on refinishing furniture the right way. I was really lucky when my paint brand of choice Cornish Milk Mineral Paints, also a family run small business, offered me the opportunity to become an 'at home' stockist. I then reached out to White Bunny Naturals. I was going to stock the paint I loved so why not stock the finishing wax I love as well?! They are a small artisan business that sells through craft markets and online so my becoming a stockist of their products is a step in growing their business too.

The next part of the story was all my lovely husbands idea. He offered me a vacant room on his business site to be able to showcase my furniture and display all the products. This is mainly because he thinks the car should be able to fit in to the garage (aka my workshop) but whatever his reasoning, it's a fantastic opportunity for me. Even with Lockdowns, I can at least offer a safe click & collect point.

So this is where my story is so far, as we swiftly approach Christmas 2020... (Update, now approaching Christmas 2021 and I really need to update some of the text!) I'm stocking the paint & finishing wax that I love, to help you save your own pieces from the fate of landfill; A showroom for my own refinished pieces that you can buy if DIY Painting isn't for you; AND this website so you can shop from the comfort of your armchair. There's the option to add delivery (I've tried to keep my packaging as eco-friendly as possible), or you can choose Click & Collect (by appointment). And whhheeeeennn restrictions aren't in place, you can pop in for a browse & a chat (limited opening times or by appointment because I work on furniture at home).

Any questions, info, advice - anything - drop me a message via the form, or social media (Instagram / Facebook) or WhatsApp, there are so may ways you can reach me so please do! I am always happy to help where I can.

Thank you for reading my story essay, I hope you feel you know me at least a little bit now ~ but I shall stop waffling and let you shop!!

Krystina Xxx
  • Higherlands, Kilve, Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom
  • (Find me at C.W. Feltham Ltd)