Ordering Your Goodies

Ordering Your Goodies

I'm hoping if you've learnt anything about me through my website, or if you follow me on Social Media, it's that I'm quite an open book. I won't tell you what I don't know and I'll tell you that I don't know. And I definitely do not know IT and Website Building!!! 

But Covid and Lockdowns and Restrictions have forced me to put on my big girl pants and give it a go. One day I'll even work out how to get everything to link up but for now, because I'm doing this with limited budget (hence why I'm building this website myself) we're just going to have to do it the cack-handed way. I'm sorry that this is 'unprofessional' but you're getting me here, just me. No big marketing firm or e-commerce experts! 

IF you're reading this, Hi - you're my guinea pigs! Once all the teething problems etc have been ironed out all this waffle will be heavily edited and I'll appear a lot more professional. But you, yes you, if you decide to order you are probably about to become my new best friend! 

So how I'm hoping this will work is... you put all your loveliness into your cart and go to checkout. There you will fill out your details and then choose your delivery type etc. and press order. (Have you read the Delivery section? You need to!)  I will then get a notification (hopefully) that an order has been placed. I will double check the details and make sure I have all the products (just in case I’ve sold a product in person & forgotten to update the online inventory!),  create an invoice on my Square App - including applying any multi buy discounts - and send it to you via your email address for you to pay. Once paid, I will send the goods. Your invoice might not be sent straight away because as I said, it's just me and I can not check orders, create or send invoices etc if I'm on the school run or doing the grocery shopping - you might end up being charged for my Birds Eye Petit Pois!

Oh, and finally, if what you are after is out of stock or not enough quantity, please do message me so that it can be added to my next order or I can help locate the items from one of my stockist pals.

So thank you for reading all this and lets hope this all works for both of us!

Krystina x