Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is AMAZING but it’s about to get EVEN MORE AMAZING!

I have loved Cornish Milk from the very first brush stroke but some colours, as gorgeous as they are, I’ve had to brace myself before painting with them and mentally prepare for the extra layers! There are colours, across all brands of paint, that are notoriously tricky to get coverage with. This is more apparent with some Cornish Milk colours because they are made with natural pigments rather than artificial dyes.

The guys at Cornish Milk have spent the last few months working with their paint alchemist to improve this. They’ve made some tweaks to the recipe and boy oh boy have they nailed coverage! I’ve tried the new formula in ‘Siren’ & ‘Hive’ and so I can say first hand that the coverage is exceptional.

There’s a few other changes too. It’s still vegan, still made in the UK with all ingredients sourced from the UK keeping the carbon footprint down, still incredibly low in VOC’s, still chemical & toxin free, and still absolutely gorgeous! However, the paint will temporarily be in tins - made from 100% recycled materials and recyclable of course. The milk cartons haven’t gone & they will be back! Joe & Reece are seeking a carton that offers better durability & extends the shelf life of an opened carton.

There's also THREE NEW COLOURS ~ Mead, Blackcurrant & Melinsey ~ and as you'd expect from the guys, they are GORGEOUS!